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Working with organisations or in one to one coaching with individual clients, my passion is to unlock potential: in you, in your team, in your business.

Drawing on my many years of experience developing senior leaders, and my work as Programme Director of the Academy Programme – BRC Learning (formerly OSS Retail Leadership Programmes), delivering prestigious residential courses for retail professionals, I support high performing individuals and organisations to achieve positive change.

My one to one coaching programmes provide support to individuals at pivotal points in their professional lives. I help clients crystallise their goals and shift their mindset to achieve them.

In my work for corporate clients, I design and run learning and development programmes tailored for organisation’s culture and business objectives. Whether you’re looking to improve team performance, enhance productivity or increase retention, I can help.

Three pillars, complete support

At the heart of what I do are the three pillars of my practice:

The three pillars guide my work with individuals and organisations. Together we explore where you are now and where you want to go, identify where change needs to happen, and prepare you to move ahead, ready to fulfil your potential.

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My work for individuals

My work for individuals

You could be on the cusp of a shift in your career: a promotion, or a fresh start in a new field. Or perhaps you feel that with more focus on what really matters to you, you could adjust your path and gain more satisfaction in your role? Maybe you are sabotaging your success with thoughts or beliefs that limit your progress? None of these scenarios are uncommon, and with a decade of experience supporting high performing individuals to reach and exceed their potential I can help you identify and move through the next steps that will enable you to transform your future.

“Sam is a…very knowledgeable coach who is able to unblock stops that prevent you excelling, as well as guiding you to self-confidence and motivation when seeking career development. A coach who hears where your true accelerators are, and helps you to unlock your full potential.”

Senior Operations Manager, Retail

My work for organisations

Your people are the bedrock of everything your business achieves. Effective leadership – at team, regional, and national level is key if you want to deliver the very best return for investment in your most important resource. Drawing on nearly twenty years’ experience in industry, I design and execute bespoke training courses, talent programmes, group coaching and key-note presentations for businesses across the UK and internationally. Working in partnership with you, I’ll ensure your people have the skills and knowledge they need to deliver your strategy.

“Sam is deeply courageous and truly compassionate in the work she is doing with organisations. She has great knowledge and practical experience for companies looking for a step-change in performance in their learning and coaching culture and to take their talent in the right direction.”

Adrian Hales, mBIT Trainer and Master Coach

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My work for organisations
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